Lauren Massey

Binghamton, New York

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Lauren started taking pottery lessons while working as a Human Resources Manager. Pottery always fascinated her and she thought it would be a good balance to her hectic work days. Classes were held at the local art museum, Roberson Museum in Binghamton, New York. Upon her retirement, she took some time off to pursue other interests, returning to clay in 2010. She returned with a new-found enthusiasm and a desire to make larger pieces till an injury prevented doing so on a regular basis. In order to broaden her knowledge she decided to buy a kiln so that she could fire her own work and learn more of that aspect of pottery. A year later, Earth and Water Pottery was born.

After the elbow injury, a slab roller was added to the studio, allowing her to offer slab-built pieces in addition to wheel-thrown items. This allows a different look to her work and provides an opportunity for combining the two techniques as well as alleviating elbow issues. However, wheel throwing remains her preferred method of work. The pieces are made from stoneware clay and are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

Check out the Pottery Story Board. A slide show detailing the evolution of a pottery piece from a lump of clay to the finished product.